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November 14, 2006


Lisa b

Damn you are a trooper! If I got an epidural and it wore off I would have been pissed. My labour was pretty quick so I was lucky. Serioulsy though 8 hours of pain. No thank you.

I love, love, love the tiny little wonderbaby. You forget so quickly how small they were.


I know I've said it before, but I loves me a good birth-story! I don't think I'll ever tire of re-living the crucible of childbirth. To me, it was the most meaningful rite of passage in my life so far (short of being born, I suppose). It truly is a day of birth for both the babe *and* the mom.

Hope you enjoyed your birthing-day celebrations, Catherine!

Sandra/Sunshine Scribe

Happy birthday again to Wonderbaby! I am a November baby myself ... good women are born in November :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WONDERBABY!! One of these days I have to record my birth story -- before I forget!!!

Lady M

It's totally about you, for the first birthday. I couldn't believe that I'd done it, thinking back to the actual birthing-day.

Happy Birthday to you and WonderBaby!


I really love this blog of yours, Catherine - it's such a cozy place.

Re: the epidural. You're so right about the best-before-four-hours thing: in Bub's case, that meant an additional four of hours of not-nearly-so-good relief, and in the Pie's case that meant the epidural loveliness was at its peak when she arrived (wonderful!). And I don't remember the insertion as being at all unpleasant, probably because of the unremitting body-crunching contractions that were going on at the time. The worst part was trying to hold still and worrying about paralysis if I didn't.

Not to hijack your post with my own birth stories!

I love the way you ended this post: that was the best moment for me too, saying the names of these small humans that we dreamed up and brought into being. Happy birthday, E.! I've been thinking of you all day.


joshie turned 4 on november 2nd :)

congrats on your birthing day! how are you celebrating??


happy B day to both of you.for some there should be a special celebration just for getting through giving birth.anyways hope you both have a special day,full of love,joy and remembrance.


Happy Birthday Wonderbaby! And a big happy birth day to you HBM, one year done!


Congratulations, Catherine, on your 1 year Birthing Day! Celebrate, reflect, give WonderBaby cuddles because, before you know it, it will be about her and the memory of pregnancy and labour will be so far away that it will seem like a story you were told not a memory of your own.

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