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Jen Maier

OMG! I would have cried too. Colour stay didn't seem to have a down side until now.

BEAUTIFUL bed and sheets! And I love the fact that your daughter is wearing Superman jammies. She and my little girl would definitely get along.


oh shes sweet Amreen....my now 3 year old drew on the walls upstairs with her sisters lipstick. i won't tell you what my teenager said but the baby was so proud of her work of art....


ahaha. is it bad that i'm laughing??

also..how on earth do you change the sheets on a bunkbed??!?!?!


LOL about the "colour stay" portion ;)

She is adorable, but evidently needs a bit of practice blending the foundation ;) again.

What a cute story and kudos on keeping your sense of humour and being clever enough to snap a picture of her. She's adorable!


I'm glad you managed to laugh Amreen. The sheets are beautiful.

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