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oh Amreen thats so great time will fly rather quickly now...


What a beautiful post, Amreen. Thanks for sharing.

Jen Maier

Wow. What a miracle. It reminds me nostalgically of my nesting period with both of my pregnancies. Enjoy. Oh, and likely you will want to clean like that again but where will you find the time? My house is closing in on me but I can't fight back...I've got too much to do!


Only six weeks left! That's not long!
The Baby came rather startlingly when I was 37 weeks pregnant and we weren't READY for her yet! But there she was!


Only 6 weeks to go? Wow, that went fast!

I was the same with my third. Kind of in a state of shock/disbelief at first, but then no less excited than with the other two by the time I was nearing the end.


I, too, am full into nesting mode, although that worried me a bit at first because I don't think I nested until the day before my son was born, with my first pregnancy! We did move across country when I was 7 & 1/2 months pregnant last time though, so my "nesting" may have been disguised as unpacking.

This time around I had the overwhelming feeling that my house was closing in on me, & like you, have proceeded to go through every last cubby-hole of space to re-organize it (I'm looking at my kitchen pantry right now). I now can tell my hubby that I haven't lost my mind, & that it is totally normal. For a while there he was thinking that I might donate HIM to Goodwill if I had a chance!!

Love hearing about all of your musings on your pregnancy, they help me put mine into perspective.

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