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My first order of business when I return to Canada is to egg Dr. O's house. I mean, WTF? jeez. Love you and will buy you whatever drugs you need -- they are cheap here in egypt :-)


thanks so much for the words of confidence. it's nice to know that there are others out there who "get" what i'm going through. i'm off to the family doctor now again to get antibiotics...i'm hoping this works. thanks again.


i can't believe that's the treatment a pregnant woman receives in our glorious city - i know resources are scarce and all, but come on! luckily you had the pharmacist to help you figure things out - i think we (Canada) need either more doctors (stating the obvious!) or at least those with better bedside manner!!

kathy m

Being sick while pregnant is awful. I had pneumonia during my second pregnancy...for the last six weeks...during labour and for nine weeks after. I couldn't take anything for it. I was up at night coughing and chocking. It was scary and awful. I particularly loved it when people told me to get more rest. As if. Anyway...I did find drinking hot liquids constantly some sort of relief...even added some honey to help the cough. I'm sorry you're suffering. It isn't fair.

Jen Maier

Nice bedside manner...urgh. That burns me up. I really think medical schools should require courses on respectful human interaction. This happens far too often.

Hope you are feeling better!


I'm so glad you turned to your pharmacist. I learned that valuable lesson while suffering from a persistent sinus infection during my second pregnancy. The key is: most docs don't really know all that much about most drugs, so they're not to be relied upon! I went to my family doc for advice for the above ailment and he reco'd Advil Cold & Sinus - surprised and for a moment blissfully optimistic, I said, "can I take that when I'm pregnant?" "What? Oh, no...sorry, you can't. Only regular Tylenol."

Gee. Thanks. But the pharm at my local Shoppers was awesome, and I've learned to turn to him when I know I need a drug to relieve my symptoms, but a trip to the doc just ain't in the cards. He's helped me out of that sinus infection, a lot of bad pregnancy-induced heartburn, and repeated coughs, colds and whatnot for daughters and, most recently, debilitating back pain on my part.

Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear you're not well. It's miserable to be sick when you're pregnant. You dream of drugs, don't you?

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