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Congratulations Amreen! I know exactly how you're feeling emotionally right now. My third was a total surprise - our ultrasound surprise was that I was already 16 weeks along! I was so conflicted when the second blue line appeared. On the one hand, it's a baby, so that's never, ever bad news. On the other hand, I thought we were done at 2. We had two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, and we felt that was enough for us... it was hard to be excited for something we didn't know we needed. Well now we know. Bringing the baby into the family has added such a wonderful dynamic. We didn't know if we could cope, but we have. We didn't know if we could make room (emotionally), but I just can't imagine life without her.

I hope the illness subsides and that you enjoy every second of this pregnancy. Like Beck said, the third one passes very quickly!


Hooray! Congratulations to your whole family. I SO remember the whole heaving, barfy thing...ugh but totally welled up about your description of seeing your baby for the first time.

Lots of love to our new urbanmoms.ca baby!!


congrats Amreen.a new baby is such a wonderful gift.sorry about the morning sickness.it really sucks.hope it goes away soon


Amreen, here's hoping you feel better soon, and CONGRATULATIONS! What exciting, wonderful news. Another new baby for the urbanmoms.ca gang. We can live vicariously through you ;)


this is fantastic news...i mean, not the heaving bile part, but the bew baby part!
this is so exciting. a new urbanmoms pregnancy!


Congratulations! I often wonder about a 3rd but for the same reasons you discussed have held off. Wishing you all the best for the next 6 months. I have 2 boys so a third would me happiest if I could guarantee a girl...As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys I honestly can't handle a 3rd boy as my 1st 2 are full of rambunctious energy!!!!


Congratulations on the new baby!
One comfort is that the third pregnancy goes by so QUICKLY - I had to conciously remember to make time to concentrate on my little growing baby every night, because I was just so busy with my other two!
And morning sickness is AWFUL. Poor you!

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