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Mmmmm starbucks, my weakness....venti non fat latte's. Not as bad as my moms quad venti no foam latte. Talk about a caffine jolt. Gotta admit it keeps her going all day! Haha. I've tried to wean myself a bit as my pocketbook has been taking a bit of a hit ouch! My trick.... Loose tea. It comes in so many fun flavors and because it isn't regular boring tea it feels like an exotic treat!


I feel your pain! My 5 pump, non-fat, no foam, no water, extra hot Tazo Chai is often my reason for getting out of bed in the morning! As you know I have tried to break the addiction but to no avail. Good luck and please pass on any tips!


Ah Jen, I hear you. For me, it's a Grande 6 pump non fat no water extra hot tazo chai. How bad is it that my 4 year old likes to order for me, and can rattle off "Can I please have a grande, non-fat, no water, extra hot tazo chai and a hot chocolate please?"

I can't help you with the calorie bit, but I can for your pocketbook. I buy the chai syrup at Costco ($8 for 3L of it) and mix half and half with skim milk and zap it in my microwave. No foam, but all the delicious taste.

My serious advice to you though? Why kick the habit? If it's in your budget and you enjoy it...it's a pretty small indulgence if you ask me. Now, those people who are ordering daily a venti mocha frappacino with whip and caramel sauce? THEY have a problem. it's just a chai...and hey, doesn't dairy help you lose weight? At least you're ofsetting osteoporosis too...


I am only a bit of a Chai addict, but i am not sure what a non-fat, no water chai is....?


I hear ya! I am so addicted to Starbucks. I am a major coffee addict but I love everything they have. However, my favourite all time purchase from starbucks is the Create Your Own Tumbler by StarbucksĀ®. I love it. I can carry around pictures of my family. i get a tonne of compliments on it too. Makes for a great gift :) Go Starbucks! Their kids tumblers are great too...


As the guilty party for introducing you, let it be known that my addiction to coffee is worse than any Chai addiction could ever be! Oh, the thought of giving up coffee just gives me the jitters.

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