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Kath, you are hilarious!!!And I am so impressed that you are still on the 30 day journey. Good for you, I could never go longer than 9 days.

Jen Maier

OMG!! I love it! No, NEVER cut your hair short and dye it blonde...heehee. I am heading there right now. Your kids of course look beautiful.

As for being ahead of the curve that is soooo cool! I am definitely going searching for this issue.


So funny. Just tried it myself and am shocked how horrific I look.
Great to hear things are so great on the cleanse.


Totally enjoyed your pics!! And yes, your girls do look lovely & don't even have to try!! Life isn't fair!
My Mom & I had sooooo much fun playing with these hairstyles. I am really glad that I never went platinum blonde. Yikes!!


omg - those pics are hilarious! congrats on being "hipper" than hollywood!


It's their smooth, poreless faces that make children so much more lovely - I don't think ANY adult woman looks good playing with those hairstyle games!

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