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Andrew Howard

Hi Marnie - my wife and I are the founders of Yard Sale for the Cure. Loved reading your piece here and REALLY appreciate people like you who are organizing group sales and making this thing a bigger and bigger success. Based on learning from last year, we're creating a tool kit for people like you who want to promote the event to their street or neighbourhood. If you'd like more information on it, drop me a line at andrew.howard@rogers.com and we'll send you more information about what comes in the kit (flyers, signs etc). I wonder if there is a way to ask the membership at UrbanMoms if they'd like to post something for everyone to be able to consider something similar in their neighbourhood. I'll drop them a line too.

Rachael is now a three year survivor and our event mission statement is to have a world where our daughters never have to hear the words "You have breast cancer". We've set ourselves up so that every dollar that is donated from a yard sale to our registered charity goes directly to the end recipients (sponsorship pays for our Admin and printing costs) - so growth is the key for us to be able to raise more. This past year we raised $150 000 and the goal for next year is $225 000. If we get to that level - we'll be the #3 third party fundraiser for CBCF!!
Thanks again for joining us


What a great idea. Congratulations to you and your neighbours.

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