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Eulalia Pereira

I just want to say you all just touched my heart. Just goes to show what a great world we do live in. and Thank you to all your friends. Everyone should be so luck to have such great friends like all you women. All the best to you and your friends and keep the closeness going. And you are an amazing human being - just reading your story gives me a burst of energy. Thank you!


I love the fact that you focus on the giving friends and the good deed after everything you've been through. What a great attitude and perspective. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, what an amazing story Janet! I have a good friend who regularly donates her hair to charity - well, as regularly as she can...she lets it grow out long, then gets it cut right off, donates it, and starts it growing again for the next good deed. Way to go Janet et al and Karri!

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