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April 27, 2007



hi ali - aren't newborns the best? love the soft smell, touch...i'm still however, having the itch. i can't reconcile the two voices in my head that are simultaneously telling me a third kid will push me over the deep end, and that i desperately need one more...


Ice diaper... ew. New baby smell, new baby bliss... mmmm.


Excuse me? I thought I was the hottest mommy blogger!? You did NOMINATE me!!!! VOTE FOR ME, TOO -- EVERYONE -- CHEATY MONKEY! WHOOOOOOO.....

talk about shameless...! ;) hee!!

SOOOOOOo true about that ice pack diaper!!!! Man o man I'm not looking forward to that!

This post was FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!! So true -- all of it! Tell Ilana I say CONGRATS!!!!! Tell her to GIVE ME SOME MATERNITY CLOTHES, too. Well...maybe not, she's TINY!!!!

Jen diaper...reason #3,893,989,882 NOT to have another baby.

Rrrrrr...Daughtry ;)


Oh yes...the ice diaper...the squirty's all coming back to me!

~wanders off to lie down for awhile~


no! 100% i'm not the type to choose surgery over natural delivery. i'm just saying that this is one of the bonuses...there are many not-so-happy parts of having a c-section...i was just pointing out some positives!

I had a C-section and wouldn't wish one upon anyone (though it was emerg., which is different from scheduling one, no doubt). But I think this is one of those grass-is-always-greener things.


hi Ali,thanx for the idol clip jack black is hilarious!and newborns are so sweet and cuddly aren't they.

ali're not familiar with these...since your wife had a c-section...

SciFi Dad

Gah... I canNOT hold a newborn without wanting another one for ourselves... call me soft, call me whatever. I don't care.

Ice diaper? Yowza.

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