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March 29, 2007


sarah clayton

Coming in late on this Ali .. I didn't have a second to post on friday but did see your pictures. My first impression was how awesome you and all the girls looked. I feel really sick thinking that you are feeling this way from one really stupid and hurtfull poster. It's amazing how cyber posting can allow someone to say that, I mean, I hope they would never say that face to face with someone? Incredibly rude! And of course .. incredibly FALSE in your case - you are gorgeous and you have an awesome bod .. as evident in the pocs you have put up of yourself in the past. My concern isn't for you, because I know you are stronger than all this and will move forward, but what about someone who would actually post something like that .. now that is sad.
You have some awesome supportive friends on here though, so it makes up for the few bad seeds.


Looks like an awesome event. Ali - you look like you're about 18 years old! Great outfits - so jealous that you get to keep them!

Multi-tasking Mommy

Oh, Ali! You looked HOT! ;) Honest!!!


Why do you CARE so much what other people think? Especially what a mean person thinks?


hi Ali i love that black dress with the white polka dots on look are you small...but hey we all come in different shapes and looks like everyone had tons of fun.and i just read your other comments and someone seemed to think the girl with jeans and pink shirt was you.and anyways she looked good whoevers being snarky to you should get their facts straight before commenting.and if you don't have something nice to say then maybe you shouldn't say anything .right.but Ali you look so great! don't let people get you down.


You just can't win lately with mean comments, huh? It makes me wonder why she would even post that...I'm sorry but high anxiety is no excuse. I have PPD with severe anxiety and would NEVER think of posting something that mean. You look great and not "for having 3 kids" but you look great, period!


It was great meeting you Ali! Me and Tanya definitely had a great time doing makeup last night, minus the bright spotlight! I did feel bad for people who had to sit in those chairs last night for so long, hope no one was blinded! :)


Nah, I have to get used to looking like a whale for a while, soo you can leave it up..... ;)

It's really hard to get over a comment like that about your weight. Really. Hard. You've got work ahead of you, my dear dear buddy -- you'll have to work hard to let it go and not let it affect you, right. If you lose a single pound, I'll singlehandedly stuff your face with chocolate goodness. You're GORJ. Like, OMG!


Ali - You were a fab. model and totally cute in both outfits. People have already been out shopping for that dress so you must have modelled it so well. We've also had request for several other items - details on how to find the clothes featured last night will be posted on the Style File soon.


hales - i thought it was a great pic!!! do you want me to take it down??? you are one HOTT mama!



I'm so putting a better pic of me on my blog! (I took one in the car -- after 20+ takes, I finally got a decent one -- because I knew this was going to happen!


Ali? Whatevs whatevs whatevs whatevs whatevs. You look FABULOUS! I'm so jealous of your teeny tiny physique right now, I can't even tell you. And, EXCUSE ME, look at that RIB in picture #5 (in little black dress). Thank MOI for taking the picture! Love the rib! You're so gorj. Don't give it another thought, please hon!

Now, let us talk about that AWFUL pic of me up there! HOW COULD YOU!? I was half asleep. I have major horrible preggo hair. My breasts are UNBELIEVABLY colossal. I nearly choked on my preggo-abundant saliva when I opened this page. Ug-gers! Kath looks fab, though. Love how she has to bend down to my height for the pic.... ;) You looked awesome. You're just a celeb -- everyone talks smack about celebs, and they can never be skinny enough.... ;)

Tara Willoughby

Hi Ali, Saw you strut your stuff last night. Very nice. I commented to my GF that I couldn't wear a dress like that, we are so jealous. I think all of the ladies looked hot last night and we had a lot of fun.
Great work from everyone thanks for an evening out!


Jennifer - it's not that i get easily offended, usually i don''s just that you truly picked the wrong thing to say to the wrong person.

i guess you can't take the eating disorder out of the girl (perhaps a post for the future). i have always had a REALLY bad self-image and have always had some sort of disordered eating - since i was about 12. so, getting up in front of hundreds of people didn't help to ease my body image issues...

and then to get a blow like that this morning stung in a way that you will never know.

you are lucky that someone saying something like that about you - in a public forum - wouldn't upset you. but it upset me and hurt me.

also...i hate to break it to you - but your tone was downright obnoxious...asking me if my scale is wrong??? and that i "definitely carry it from my waist down". who the hell asked you?

i was celebrating a really amazing event that i was so glad to be a part of. i assumed people would be excited to see the pictures. i didn't ask you to pick apart my body and accuse me of lying about how much i weigh.

now...i won't be able to think of anything else. so, thanks for that. while i appreciate you trying to apologize and clear your name (and actually leaving one) i really don't want it. you know what...if you really loved my blog, you would never say something so hurtful.


Sorry if I offended you. That was not my intention. You do have some awesome friends that watch your back. I could see them gettin' in some good ole fights. That Giblet is pretty funny. I am a person that does not get offended easily when it comes to suggestions,comments, or advice. I should know I have OCD and have done some wierd things in my time. People make fun of me all the time. Monk is one of my favorite show it allows me to laugh at myself in some way. I do feel compelled to do or say things sometimes because of anxiety or curiousity. You know those diet advertisements where they say a women weighs a certain weight and you reply no way I know someone who weighs that and they look way smaller. Apparently pictures are deceiving. I am 5'2 129 lbs and carry it in the face, arms, back, and torso thanks to my dad. That is horrible for most posing pics that usually show waist up. I have a 1 1/2" adominal separation and saggy pooch skin. Being short my pregnancy only went out. Only a good ole tummy tuck will fix me. Anyhow sorry again for upsetting you. I do love the Haley-O and Ali blogs.


OMG, Giblet! You f'n R.O.C.K.!!


As an independent auditor employed by the Department of Weights and Measures it is not irregular that I am contacted by two parties in dispute of some measurement or another.
When you think about everything you buy by weight, measure or count, the department ensures the accuracy of practically everything you purchase except for services.

The Department plays a critical role protecting consumers and retailers from unfair business practices.
I.e. to ensure that commercial devices (scales, taxis, gas pumps, propane, etc.) used for the sale of commodities by weight, measure or count are licensed and accurate.

As such, I am clearly qualified to intervene in said discussion regarding the 108lbs in question.

While Ali did in fact send me documented evidence that her bathroom scale registered her at 108lbs this morning, it does not resolve the matter entirely as the scale used was a digital bathroom scale (similar to those available at Sears and other home stores).
And as we know all too well here at the Department of Weights & Measurements, digital scales can only be accurate to within 99.5% of the accurate weight in question.
Thusly, we asked Ali to come in to our office this afternoon to establish her weight by a much more accurate, albeit antiquated, method - comparison.

For example - if you have a balance and place an item which you think weighs 3 lbs on one side and on the other side you place two weights (registered with the Department of Weights & Measurements) of 1.5lbs each, and the differential needle lies at 0.00 - then clearly your item weighs exactly 3lbs.

We asked Ali to hop on our scale and found that the anonymous commenter had a case indeed. While Ali's bathroom scale read 108.00 lbs it was clear from our tests that she in fact is a bloody liar!

We came to this conclusion time and time again. The following tests were conducted:
- We weighed Ali against 15 swallows (European), 6 chickens, a hog and 2 boa constrictors. 108.25lbs.
- We weighed her against 25 soccer balls, 2 baseball mitts, a Frisbee, 15 hockey pucks and a goalie mask. 108.25lbs
- We weighed Ali against sixty-two helpings of Sheppard’s Pie, a pizza, 3 light bulbs, 9 bricks and a Mac book. 108.25lbs

We are confident of the accuracy of these tests to beyond 99.98%. We took swift action and stomped all over her bathroom scale.
If said commenter would like to proceed with a formal complaint against the blogger with the Department of Weights and Measures they should either contact me directly via email or call us at 1-800-PISS-OFF.


God, I love me some trolls in the morning...


Strangely enough I was also just reading Kath's Sabotage post which I think maybe the 'nameless' below should take a look at. The worst of it is Ali, in my opinion, it has nothing to do with how you looked or didn't look but how the 'nameless' person feels about themself. The one thing about blogs and email etc. is unfortunately people forgot to think about what they are saying before they write or feel they can say things they would never say to someone in person. It feels the same when you are receiving the comment and people shouldn't forget that. All I can say is that I wished I could have fit in size 26 jeans at 18, let alone after 3 kids.


for the record...those jeans i'm wearing are a size 26...which roughly is a size 2.
so blow it out your ass.
why on earth would i misrepresent myself? the majority of my readers are people that i know in my real life.

but thanks for that little bit of extra confidence this morning. i appreciate it. i was nervous to post these because of people like you. leave your fuckin' name and maybe a picture so i can criticize where you carry your weight.


Thanks for putting pics up so quick for those of us not in TO. It looks like an amazing night and you all look fabulous!! And I am sorry but there is no pooch with that fabulous black dress. You look GORJ as Haley-o would say. Looks like a great night and I can't wait to hear (and see more). Great job Jen and the whole team.


BRUTAL!! Who is the mean commenter?! Jeesh! Ali is tiny! She is 5' tall and teeny. She looks amazing as do all of the women. We are real women with real bodies and if you met Ali you would see that she has a totally normally body - she is short and around 108lbs for sure.

I, on the other hand, am very tall (5'11") and not 108lbs. This is what made this show so amazing. We were all different shapes and real life.

It is hard enough to put yourself out there (in a fashion show or on a blog) but to be critisized...NOT cool.

Thanks Ali for posting the pics and for being an amazing model! Btw, I thought you pulled off the curly hair


i seriously hope this is a joke. seriously.


Wow. That's a really mean comment (the weight one). Seriously.
Loved the pictures. It sounded really fun. I loved the 2nd outfit. I would totally wear that. Very cool.
And, in answer to your question - yes, I think you're an awesomely cool blogger :) One of my favourites (along with Haley, of course)

You look great. I love the jeans and pink top. Are you sure you are 108 lbs? I hope you did not misrepresent yourself. Maybe it was the angle. You look like 125 or higher. Maybe your scale is off.You definitely carry it from the waist down. You look good for 3 kids.

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