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March 02, 2007



I won a free tim hortens coffee last week too!
But 3 years ago, I won a Tim Hortens mountain bike - now THAT was cool! Other than those wins, really not lucky either .. never won anything else...


I'm generally a lucky one. I used to win ALL the turkey draws at work -- until the last one, when Jenny said "Haley better not win this turkey draw" -- she totally jinxed me. Anyway, yeah, I've won at bingo, too. And, I, like, daily win a million bucks on email and on the internet -- I'm like, always, the lucky 1000th visitor. I just never click that "congratulations" button.... ;)


i never win anything ever so i can relate! that's hilarious about your husband - he's got a lucky stary following him. Oh i forgot, i won a soundtrack to the movie Monsoon Wedding at the premiere...very exciting, my only win ever. I am loving Imogene Heap these days? have you heard the soundtrack to that recent movie, Holiday (Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) - she's all over it and she's also on the Garden State soundtrack with her band Frou Frou


OMG - I had to laugh so hard because when I tried to go to Cheaper Than Therapy today it was blocked by my corporate security as "Tasteless Content". hahahahahaha - I wonder what you said in your post today. I can't wait to read once I get home.

Tara Willoughby

Not so lucky. I have a GF who has made it her part time job to enter contests. She is the one who stands at the store and fills out every form, and actually wins, bikes, BBQs, snowblowers, etc. Man I enter so many of those online ones that autofill is a permanent fixture on my search bar.
My DH says he has luck, well he has more than me. He jokes he has african luck, only it didn't work on our recent vacation to Cape Town, becasue they were all africans LOL
Have a great day, luck is you won't get stuck in traffic on the way home!!!

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