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January 09, 2007



I am so with you on the Chick Flicks and the romance novels. "gag". When I first felt the need to get back into reading, I asked my co-workers (all whom have been to college since they are nurses) who a good author was. Many of the more avid readers suggested Nora, I went and bought a couple of her books......about 3 paragraphs into the first book I was all like, WTF????? This is rubbish!!! So I have since found a few authors I do enjoy reading.....and have tried to educate and enlighten my co-workers with something less no avail of course.


Can't STAND Sandra Bullock. You couldn't PAY me to see the Lake House. I liked her in that Christmas movie, though. Great lipstick in that movie -- I remember being totally inspired.

Cameron is known for her HORRIBLE skin! That's a good airbrushing job, they did!

Thanks for recommending the movie. I think I'll wait till video -- but good to know it's actually worth watching. I've heard mixed reviews.


yes! it's so similar to Tara Road...a book that i love love loved!


Is it just me or is The Holiday loosely based on a Maeve Binchy book called Tara Road? It seems so, so similar to this book...


i cannot bring myself to see The Lake House...there's no way THAT can be good!


You want a Sandra movie that sucked worse than Hope Floats? Try The Lake House... postal mail travels across time AND we get the added bonus of Keanu Reeves...


My hubby wants to see this one as well, so we'll have to book a sitter and go, fer sure! Thanks for the always makes me want to see a move more when a "real person" endorses it :) Oh, and btw I had never seen You've Got Mail until my last scrapbooking retreat ... must be something about the 2 that just goes together :)


if you ask me, the emo glasses just made Jude that much more adorable. Loved that movie. (And Tim said Kate Winslet reminded him of Bridget Jones, too.)


Hey Ali - I saw it too (with my hubby, I might add!) and really enjoyed it. Predictable, yes. Feel good movie, yes. Few tears shed, yes. And for the first time I actually saw Jude as YOU see him...he was TOTALLY HOTT!!!! I loved the Jack Black character and Kate was just smashing (did you catch the little British accent there?). I also thought Cameron was cute. The character wasn't much of a stretch for her but my hubby felt that she was worth the price of admission ;)

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