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November 05, 2007



I think she gain a little weight back, that why Lindsay looks so great!
Cate cannot pull out the ugly prison like gown!! But she looks gorgeous from the neck up!!
The team leader from CSI?? I don't think so, the guy next to Katie seems to wrinkle and too thin!


GAWD, Cate Blanchett is soooo gorgeous, in a real way.

I CANNOT, CANNOT like Lindsay Lohan as long as she dresses like a 1986 Le Chateau catalogue. Pixie Boots! I ask you! She could NOT be truly sober and still dress like that. NO WAY.


Hey hate to throw some cold water on the Katie pant hate you realize she just finished running for 5 1/2 hours???!!! She just ran a marathon!!! Girl deserves some serious respect. Oh and running that much makes your butt flat. Sad but true. I had to cut down my km's to get the junk back into the trunk.
I'm officially a Katie fan;-)


I looove Posh and her bod. I feel bad for her being made to gain weight. And you're sooo right about the red to blonde thing. You just can't do it. Well, unless it's strawberry blonde like Nicole kidman. Thank god for no britney news!


casual katie is so much prttier and more relaxed than uptight over made up matronly kate...victoria is soo skinny.ick!are you ever right about cate being the only one who could get away with that bright orange.thats nice that shes having another one.


Yeah, who KNEW ten years ago that Tom Crusie would become the most icky man in the world?


my brother in law ran that marathon yesterday. ;)

Jen Maier

No! Not Shia! He seemed so down to earth 'cause of his drug addict Dad and close relationship with his Mom. Hollywood gets them all.

I have a new respect for Katie Holmes. Running a Marathon?! Fab. I could have done without the kissing Tom pic though - EW!

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