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September 21, 2007



Ahhhh, Haley, thanks so much for watching Survivor, just for lil'ol me. I'm lovin' Mr. Louisiana, and the stupid poker-player who showed his cards to the flight attendant on the first show! Also kinda like the female wrestler, for some reason I haven't yet figured out. Boy, did Chicken ever overplay his hand, though...he deserved to go just for that.



Mary-Louises' new baby is cute! Poor baby, though, she looks shocked by the paparazzi. Christina is mighty brave to be wearing those heels. I don't think I could survive them non-preggers! Paris' dress is um, wayy 8 yrs ago. The shoes? Hideous. Poor Britney, what is she doing? Like you, I hope she doesn't resort to bulimia. That would be the last nail in the coffin for her personally, and her career.

karen meg

MLP - what a beautiful little girl!
Sex and the City - can't wait either! I love Big! Hottest guy over 50!
Paris- - outfit, not so nice; but I like her hair!
Brit- no words
Debra - WTF?
ANTM - I haven't watched since the first season, but kudos to that young model for being in the running. Asperger's is a difficult and misunderstood condition - good luck to her.

mom of 2

SciFi Dad - you are bang on! I loved that line too! I'll probably keep watching Survivor - I always do!
Brit needs an intervention.
Debra Messing needs a new stylist.
LOVE sex & the city - best line EVAH was...."Honey they don't call it a JOB for nothing!" (Kim Cattrall - do I need to refresh your memories?) I fell off the couch I was laughing so hard!
Mary-Louise's daughter is sweet!

Happy Weekend to all!


I really really miss Sex & the City, and I really really hope that scene of Big pleading with a freaked out Charlotte does NOT mean there is more drama/cheating/committment-phobic behaviour from Big toward Carrie. Please let him be a good one in the end!
Do celebs just get sick of seeing themselves in pictures, so they mix it up with a kaftan that looks like a blue tarp a la Messing? Bad ugly.


OMG, Paris, I totally wasn't prepared for the pairing of that ugly dress and shoes together. In fact I was scrolling down and I actually started when I saw them.

I can't wait for the Sex and the City movie. I love, love, love, them. :)

Debra Messing, what the hell was she thinking??

Missed the first ANTM. :(

Survivor was meh. Maybe I am finally over the whole survivor thing.


Zac Efron doesn't want Vanessa Hudgens anymore because he wants Nikki Blonsky...

Rosebud & Papoosie Girl

I did watch Survivor, I think I like Jeff....anyway it looks ok so far nothing to weird. That guy who is a grave digger is so cut it will keep me coming back and not to mention the line above was classic.


Can't wait for Sex & the City!

Christina's shoes are HOT - Paris' not so much. Even if they happened to match her outfit they are still ugly.

Brit is a complete train wreck. Nothing she does/wears surprises me anymore.

Debra Messing looks ridiculous in this picture - especially after her gorj. gown at the awards the other night...I wouldn't even wear this at 9 months pregnant! YUCK!


debra messing looks like a hot air balloon...maybe brit should just hand in the towel now so to speak and give her kids to k-fed.being preggy and wearing heels is vain and stupid.but like you said lets see if still on later into her pregnancy.yes charlotte looks preggy,can't wait for sex and the city!i love mr big.sorry don't watch survivor.but glad ANTM is back on.

SciFi Dad

"What do you do for a living?"

"I bury people."


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