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wholesale clothing

Wonderful! Your blog tackles a wide variety of topics. I like that! This article is an eye opener.



My time saving tip is have Lysol wipes in every room of your home! With a cute and drooly eight month old boy, I am forever cleaning toys, exersaucers and his highchair. Lysol wipes are quick and convenient! Pop the lid, grab a wipe and within seconds you have a clean and sanitized surface without having to hunt for a spray bottle and paper towel. Also great for wiping down those germy change tables when you're out shopping!


I park my car in the garage so it is not snow covered and cold in the morning, I just need a few minutes to warm it up, instead of cleaning it and warming it for several minutes.


I find during my day I have 5 minutes here and there while I am waiting for the pasta water to boil, or waiting for my ride, or waiting for my turn in the shower. Instead of wasting the time I have a list of 5 minute jobs like cleaning the bathroom mirror, disinfecting the door knobs and phones, etc. I try to do these little jobs when I have a few minutes. I get a lot done in a day this way without thinking about it.


I use a tinted moisterizer with spf. moisture, sunscreen and coverage all in one step. It literally takes me seconds to put it on!

Carla Ehrenreich

I save time styling my hair by using the mirror in my car for last minute hair spray.


I always keep a "go-to" outfit in my closet; a forgiving black outfit that manages to look right for anything. It's usually once I'm dressed and I'm running around like crazy in the morning, making sure my sons have homework, swimming stuff, lunches, and that my husband's shirt is ironed and my daughter's eaten her breakfast, that discover the oatmeal on my shoulder/button missing from my blouse/hole in my tights. Having my "go-to" outfit clean and ready saves me from the millions of outfit changes I'd have to undergot (or from the embarassment of whatever I'd expose with that missing button!)

Tammy Piche

In the morning I blowdry my bangs and just put my hair up in a simple twist, then mid-morning, I take it down and voila, wavy hair without the time and effort of blowdrying and curling


I always hang my clothes right from the hot dryer so no ironing needs to be done. I organize my work outfits in one area and casual clothes in another area so it is quick to get ready in the morning!


I organize my closet by clothing type and colour. I also added extra shelves to hold jeans and sweaters. I go through the closet and remove and clothing that doesn't fit to add space for new items. I also change the clothing around when the seasons change to remove clothes that aren't needed.

Jessica Meisner

On a limited budget, I only buy items that will match with basic pieces I have in my closet.I arrange them according to color and then it's easy to grab a matching outfit in the morning and still be on time for class or work.

Laura Moneo

Find a good hair stylist that can give you a great no fuss cut.
I spend very little time on hair in the morning now and it looks great - just wash and blow dry.

Patricia Boyle

I dump everything on top of my desk in my library during the week. On Saturday, I sort through everything, tidy up, file or discard.

Janet Meisner

I try to organize a few basic outfits that all work with a black jacket and pants. Then I just have to choose sweaters or blouses and basic accessories to complete the look.

Christine Ivezic

I get my outfits together for the week on hangers in my closet. That way I just grab and go. I do this for the kids clothes too in one of those hanging closet organizers with shelves. Big time saver and relieves the stress of choosing at 6:30 am.


Craig Hinchey

Style tips:

We just had our daughter complete two years of braces and now she had "movie star" teeth. So a styling suggestion - get your child's teeth straightened both for looks and for health - straighter teeth have fewer caveties! She had a million dollar smile - the best style accessory! This is time saving ultimately because it will lessen trips to the dentist eventually.


Hey - These are all great tips! Remember, we are looking specifically for time saving STYLE tips to enter the contest. Keep them coming.


Daily routines, save time and sanity.

I also try to keep things simple, cut down on the clutter, because the more things you have, the more time it takes you to take care of the things.


I ditched alot of stuff in my closet last year, now I wear the classic pieces that suit as I 'mature'...Also the socks from everybody reside in a laundry basket in the laundry room so that people can match their own & it works :)

pat george

time savers for me cleaning are spray bathroom shower with cleaner, while that is working I clena the toilet, then the sink , finish with the tub and rinse, wash my hands and Im out of there in 5 quick minutes

Joanne Drapeau

I make large dinners on the weekends so that I have leftovers to serve during the busy weekdays. You can serve a Sat. leftover on Tues. and Sunday on Wed. so that it isn't too boring (ie. not the same thing two nights in a row).


My biggest time saving tip for the mornings is I have my shower the night before. They say that your hair styles better when its not perfectly clean, so washing it the night before allows time for the oil to redistribute and it curls much better and faster. I keep my make-up routine simple - less than 5 minutes. My work bag is ready the night before, clothes chosen and laid out and my must have morning to-go tea is already set up. Just boil the water and go!


Tips? Keep your wardrobe to a minimum. No one really notices if you are wearing some of the same pieces over a week as long as they are classic, well made and well put together. Accessories are the tip to keeping a look fresh and fashionable. Add a new necklace or scarf in a colour of the season and it can change how you feel. You'll find with less in your closet and drawers putting an outfit together is a snap!


I like sports clothes specielly adidas and get some awesome deals on ebay and at the thrift stores. When I get bored with the clothes
I donate or find a friend that wants the item. Also am really liking the new organic cloths but ouch they are costly yet. Just add a simple accessory for a new look

Joanne Dochuk

I fill my coffee pot with water and coffee the night before.
Take clothes directly from the hot dryer and hang on hangers immediately to save time ironing!
I set my work clothes and pack my lunch,the night before right after dinner.
Plan my meals for the upcoming week and plan my shopping list according to the meals.
Buy in bulk.
Pay my bills electronically.
I try to shop in the evenings when there are less people in the store!

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