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January 14, 2008

Grim, With Pancakes.

At some point in this still-new year, I fell COMPLETELY BEHIND. How did this happen? I have five million emails lurking, unanswered, in my in-box. I have a laundry room stuffed full of dirty clothing and towels and the other mysterious things that show up in laundry hampers - and REALLY, no one in this family works on a farm or shovels coal or has some weird medical condition where they MUST CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES 15 TIMES A DAY, so WHERE does all this laundry come from, I ask you? I have a computer desk that's barely visible under the teetering stacks of junk, tons of baking to do, Important Things To Write, friends who want my company for some mysterious reason, and - AND! - The Boy is having a huge birthday party this weekend. I did find time, at some point, to let my eyebrows beetle luxuriously across my forehead, and time also to grow a commendable mustache.

Send help.

A friend of mine recently - on the sixth - gave birth to a teeny little baby girl, this little six pound dark haired baby. They had thought that she was a boy and so were rather short on pink sleepers and little dresses, so I dug out all of our baby clothes from the attic this weekend and sorted them out, finding the smallest and girly-est outfits I could. The Girl and I delivered our many, many bags of Extremely Feminine Baby Clothes, and then The Girl asked, quietly, if she could hold the baby and sat with her eyes soft, this tiny baby small even in her arms. It's funny how small they start out - and then there's this weird thing that happens where the first year seems to take a whole decade of your life and then you blink and your child is very nearly grown-up.

Sometimes conclusions to my posts comes easily for me - a cruel line, or a quick sappy punch - but not today. I'm a bit sick, a bit sad, and more than a bit slow today, stuck in January. January is the oatmeal of months, this time you just have to sigh and wade through and then you come out the other side and hey, there's February. I ate a bowl of oatmeal this morning - bleh! - but on the weekend, I made a huge batch of tiny little sour cream pancakes, these delicious airy mouthfuls, all maple syrup and cheer.

Sour Cream Silver Dollar Pancakes

4 eggs

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/4 cup cake flour (you CAN use the regular sort of flour, but your pancakes won't be as ethereally weightless. They'll still be GOOD, though.)

2 cups sour cream

3 tablespoons sugar

Stir the eggs in a mixing bowl until they're light and fluffy. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well - and if you'd rather, you can even do this in a blender, for even FLUFFIER results.

Heat a frying pan or griddle until it's hot, and add a light layer of vegetable oil. Drop a tablespoon of batter on the griddle, enough to make pancakes about as long as your thumb (unless you have freaky long thumbs. If so, aim for a bit smaller.). When there are a few bubbles on top of your mini pancakes, gently flip them over and cook briefly.

This makes about a zillion tiny little pancakes. Enjoy.


If ever there were a month for beetling eyebrows it is January.

"the oatmeal of months" !!!!!!

Beetling eyebrows... oh Beck, you are so funny! And a talented writer! Seriously!

I certainly can relate to being behind - the piles in my office are more like mountains. I don't usually mind January much - in this part of the country we usually get brisk and sunny clear days. This year it has been different though. I think we had cloudy grey days until the 18th. When the sun comes out I try to find a sunny window in my house to read, or better yet, get outside and feel the sun on my face. It helps!

Anything sour cream has got to be good! Yummy.

Hang in there Beck. I have been admiring and envying your creativity, energy and spirit since you started blogging with urbanmoms. This is just your nesting time, a pause, a lull, a moment for percolating until your natural self comes buncing back. It will!

what a lovely pancake recipe - i'm going to try it this weekend! i know what you mean about january (and feb too), november blahs are easier to deal with because of the lure of the holiday season. my due date is in april and it still seems so far away.

Must try those pancakes, but you watch yourself in future, see? Don't go 'round maligning oatmeal no more! I love oatmeal. But not January. Though I do find it better than February. If January is oatmeal, February is fish sticks...plug your nose and swallow - it's over faster that way.

Your post is hilarious, sweet, melancholy, and delicious all at the same time. Keep up the good work!

"freaky long thumbs" - ha, ha!

As soon as my and the Boy's birthday end, the holidays officially end, and I get the winter blahs.

I remember when Elliot was born and one of my nurse's had a young friend visiting and asked, really politely and with lots of caveats, if this child could hold him. I said yes, and was rewarded by that look of wonder in a little girl whose name I never even learned...a sort of glimpse into my own future when Ilsa holds babies now.

I feel the same way about January. Problem being, I have no warm fuzzies for February either. In March, the awakening begins. Until then - the bleh. Luckily, I now have a lovely idea for a weekend breakfast, thanks to you!

I love seeing my children hold little babies! What a fun time for you and the girl.

It's February that really gets me. In January I am still running on left-over Christmas energy. February, though short, is just really, really long. (The new holiday this year should help though...)

I call it the "January Blahhs" and I have it bad this year, even though it has been unseasonably warm I still feel the need to hibernate and ignore the whole world.

"January is the oatmeal of months" - you hit it on the head. I'm feeling it too.

For the first time this year I actually feel a little caught up! January is long and blistery ... Hang some hearts :)

I myself am very glad to hear you say that you are behind, because you always write about such fun things you are doing over there that I figured you must have some magical way of getting all the un-fun stuff done every day. That may not be a very friendly thing to say, but I meant it in the friendliest way possible.

Yes, January is an the oatmeal month, couldn't have put it better. Sludge. Trudge. Pudge. That's it, alright. And then there's February. Exactly.

Well, happy Monday. The pancakes sound delightful and we will surely try them soon. Hope you feel better in every way...

That sounds good. I love sour cream but never tried it in pancakes. Good luck with all your stuff.

We used to do this for our kids when they were small because my grandpa used to do it for me! Fun memories.

My sister is due in a few weeks and I am itching to hold that teeny little baby...

You *always* have lovely endings to your posts. Exhibit A:

"...these delicious airy mouthfuls, all maple syrup and cheer."

I know it wasn't, officially, the end, but I loved the way it sounded rolling around in my head.

We had pancakes for dinner last night. Yum!

And I have to talk my friends into being impregnated. I NEED to hold a just born baby.

You are so good at this (writing, mothering, baking--you can provide your own "this").

Only 1/4 cup of flour, really??

"I did find time, at some point, to let my eyebrows beetle luxuriously across my forehead, and time also to grow a commendable mustache." You and me both, lady! If you get some help way up there... see if you can send it along way down south here, aye?

You crack me up.

Oh yeah, and the panckakes sound good, too. ;-)

Oh, I love new babies and their tiny little bodies always shock me especially looking at my 9 month old who I can't imagine was ever so deliciously small, soft, and quiet *smile*.
I love pancake recipes, thanks for this one. We have one with sourcream and banannas that I'll post sometime it is yuummmmmyyyy! I'm going to try yours out on my boys this week, thanks for sharing!

Hubby is the pancake master in our house all about the shapes, he uses molds and free hand. I think I have made pancakes once or twice, so with great diligence I will print this recipe and give it to him. Funnily enough I was thinking of making pancakes for supper tonight, it is a great way to get some eggs into the girls and fast since tonight is Papoosie Girl's dance class.

Thanks Beck!

Mmmm, nummy. We are going to early services on Sundays now because that is when Junior High meets. I try to tempt the family out of bed with a delectable breakfast--this will have to be one of them.

It's funny, I always feel that way about February and I grouse about it. My poor husband was born in February, so he listens to me complain about what a dull, dragged-out month it is and then reminds me that he, the man I married, was born in that very same month.

Lovely pancake recipe--can't wait to try it!

A friend returned some of Miss M's baby clothes on the weekend and now, of course, all the stuffed animals are wearing them. It's a stab to the heart in all the good ways.

The pancake recipe is making my tummy growl.

There is nothing in this world like a brand new baby. The soft skin, the smell, the little gurgles and squeeks. ~sigh~
I am not a fan of January either. My least favorite month, actually. It is soooo long and cold, and nothing really to celebrate. Baaahhh.
Those pancakes sound heavenly. I'll have to make them this weekend. :)

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