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I just love your writing Beck. I'm taken back to when I met my husband and how fragile our love was in the beginning. And how delicate my little boy was at birth, and how tall and boyish he is now. God love ya, girl...I'm thankful to be able to read your thoughts.


I am always a little teary eyed after reading your posts. You write so beautifully about the very things I too am thinking. I think what you are referring to is "youthful arrogance" and I know I had it. It may have made me a jerk but some days I miss that feeling that everything lay ahead unexplored and possible. I guess with time comes perspective but don't you miss the big dreams just a bit?


I like our Thanksgiving where it is...gives one some breathing room between turkeys, if nothing else ;)


You get free stuff!!!!! Lucky! :)


Happy Thanksgiving! I think I shall have to get one of those stick blenders! Hope you feel better soon.


Beck you wrote so beautifully of what Thanksgiving is really all about. Being thankful for undeserved and unearned gifts. I need a tissue!

I personally love our Canadian Thanksgiving. I cannot imagine it being just a kick off to Christmas. Because we are some time away from Christmas, we do have the time to pause and reflect and think on all those gifts of love that have been handed to us.


Tomorrow marks the nine-year anniversary of when I met hubby. Seventeen years is a lot.


Okay - you're part way there with inviting both families... now you just need to alternate years for hosting!

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. It's quiet and understated and full of family and relaxing. I like it right where it is in the middle of October.


Personally, I am just thankful for any holiday!! But basically, I feel thankful everyday for having a good and loving family and for living in such a beautiful country. And that I'm able to enjoy such good writing as yours, Beck!!

painted maypole

your words are just lovely as always. What wonderful things to be thankful for. Family and love and (relatively) healthy offspring.


how neat that you get to try products from Cusinart!

Glad to hear that your grandmother is doing much better! happy Thanksgiving to you!


Can not type. Have turkey belly. Must. Nap. Now. You is good writer and are not terrizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


OH MY! hehe we need a new hand blender in a bad way. Ours is literally falling apart. That one looks so cute (and when it comes to hand blenders looks matter!)


You know, there are many reasons that I love your writing, but the fact that you know (and use!) the expression "enfant terrible", is right up there.

Happy (almost over)Thanksgiving!

Alyssa Goodnight

Happy Thanksgiving, Beck!
We love you just the way you are. Sarcastic is much preferable to terrible...in my humble opinion.

Rosebud & Papoosie Girl

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Glad it was such a nice weekend, minus the snotty cold of course.

Fairly Odd Mother

While I don't use it a ton, whenever I use my stick blender, I'm unnaturally happy.


i love my stick blender. LOVE IT.

this post made me all excited for american thanksgiving which is FAR away.


I like that. I like that she is running around shrieking and making you crazy...

Omaha Mama

All of this talk of Thanksgiving makes me all excited for our Thanksgiving. Which for me, means a FOUR DAY break. Which I really look forward to. A lot.

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Meet-Your-Hubby-versary.

You've got me wanting that stick blender thingy. Would it puree steamed veggies? Have you seen Seinfeld's wife and her new book about sneaking veggies into stuff? It's a post waiting to happen over at my place, maybe tonight.


It's so sad that "American Thanksgiving is the start of Christmas..." I could scream! I love Thanksgiving for what it is, but you're right, it has developed a reputation for second best. It wilts in the hot spotlights. Around here, Christmas trees are already up in the malls, competing with Halloween costumes. WHAT ABOUT THANKSGIVING? The problem is... it's not commercial enough. evidently. Which is why I love it. Sigh.
Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

slouching mom

Oh that blender sounds like a must-have.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your blessedly lusty Baby and everyone else.


Happy Thanksgiving and a beautiful rememberance of everything that you have to be thankful for!


that hand blender sounds like something i need!

sounds like thanksgiving has brought you many blessings. have a happy one today. hope the baby is better soon.


You have both families TWICE? Ouch. Uh, I mean, how perfectly lovely! If we can weasel them into inviting the other set, then we only do ONE gathering. Or else my head goes BOOM. Neither of them serve wine, maybe that is the problem?

You get goodies for this? Awesome!


It's hard to always feel thankful. And I must admit that I wasn't feeling very thankful exactly one week ago today when we were saying our final farewells to my Husband's Father. Then there was that other sudden phone call about my Mother being in the hospital. But there is something about Thanksgiving that makes one really stop and think about things - take another assessment. Of course I am thankful for the same things I always have been - the love of a wonderful spouse, our health, and family. But what really hit me was that I should be thankful for the fact that I'm part of TWO wonderful families - maybe it has taken me 27 years to really wake up to that! Better late than never.
So today I am sitting here with a crantini in hand and although we're still mourning my Father-in-law and worried about my Mother - there is still so much to be thankful for. A toast to Thanksgiving!

Marmite Breath

You had me at Smart Stick Blender! You had me at Smart Stick Blender!


Oh, and Happy Anniversary of being in love. I think being the enfant terrible sounds great though--don't give up on that dream. How about you be the enfant terrible of literature IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD!? I mean, that's doable, isn't it?


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better. Holidays remind us so much of the way things once were, how much we have changed, and how fragile it all is.

Oh, and I love stick blenders. I really do.


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better. Holidays remind us so much of the way things once were, how much we have changed, and how fragile it all is.

Oh, and I love stick blenders. I really do.


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better. Holidays remind us so much of the way things once were, how much we have changed, and how fragile it all is.

Oh, and I love stick blenders. I really do.


I love the very idea of this holiday: the expression of pure gratitude. Oh, and the pies.


Happy Thanksgiving! Or, for us, happy Columbus Day. No mail! No school! Yet most people still have to work! Whee....


Happy Thanksgiving y'all! It's great when you have the kind of life attitude that can make you thankful every day. Sounds like reason to celebrate to me.

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