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September 10, 2006



Hi Ali:

Just thought I'd let you know that my mom just called and told me that their Moen faucet broke yesterday...they went to have it replaced this morning (the thing to do with a life time warranty, one would think) and were greeted with the same news. "Sorry, Moen will send you replacement parts." They opted to buy a new one. Not Moen, obviously.

Hope you've managed to get yours fixed by now!


We are also having sink issues, but in our bathroom. All of the stuff that holds the faucet to the sink seems to have come off. Next, we have the exhaust fan in our bathroom that conked out. Then last Wednesday, as Aaron went to take out the garbage, lo and behold the garage door did not open. Mind you, both the nanny and I had already opened and closed it without problems a few times that day. And because we have absolutely no other way into the garage aside from the door, the Door Doctor (yes, that's really the company name) had to cut a hole in the door. Now not only do we need a new motor (since the old one died), but we need a new garage door. When it rains, it pours.


That TOTALLY sucks, Ali! I had to live without a kitchen sink for about a week when we moved into our new house and were getting the kitchen redone. It was, indeed, like Little House on the Prairie. We ended up ordering in all the time, and I ended up gaining 10 pounds....


Man, that sucks. It's always something, isn't it?

Love the idea of including a song that you love. I will be checking it out.


I have lists too...unfortunately I don't know how I will ever get to the "nice to do" list as the "need to do" list just seems to be getting longer and longer!


Hi Ali - that REALLY sucks......

I have no dishwasher in this new (well to us, new, ahem) house and after having had one in the last house, I am not sure I can live without it again (which I have done for 5 freaking months, yikes).

I am with you on the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, sigh.

Maybe in my next life?

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